Selling Real Estate. Online

Sell online with better purchase experience and higher conversions.

Digitizing Selling Process

Real Forest connects real estate developers, sales agents, and leads with one platform, efficiently digitizing the real estate selling process

Higher Conversions

Turning raw leads into actual sale by enabling deeper engagement to your potential buyers

Global Market

Make your projects available to new markets around the world

Intuitive & simple

Easy to use interface enables anyone to browse, select and purchase independently or with an agent

Real Forest is Perfect For

Sales events

Manage virtual sales events and allow potential buyers to reserve units, while viewing real-time project infographics just like in a physical event.

Global real estate investors

Enable real estate investors to view information regarding your projects, see unit’s availability and pricing, and offer them a simple way to reserve.

On-going selling efforts

Allow your potential buyers to easily access a sales meeting with an agent, or schedule a future meeting in the best time suitable for them.

Dedicated private groups

Use our automation, automatic bulk scheduler, and sales interface, to enable dedicated selected groups of potential buyers to reserve a limited number of units.

Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Real Forest allows people to purchase real estate online anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Online Sales Event Just Works Better!

Management dashboards for perfect sales event online

Displaying project status in real time

Tracking sales agents performance

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Get to Know your audience

Displaying your project’s information and allowing your potential buyers to easily browse between buildings, floors and units, enables us to extract valuable information for you.

If you’re interested in specifics...

We have summarize the most common questions and corresponding answers for you, if you didn’t find what you looking for, please contact us.

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In short, greater reach and higher conversion rate.

To elaborate, many companies have started using a hybrid model of online and offline sales in recent years. This combination has many advantages: it allows developers to reach a broader clientele, extending beyond the local and domestic market. In addition, it allows potential buyers to choose the time and place of their purchase thus removing the many frictions in the sales process. Like in many other markets, if you do not have a strong online presence you are giving up a significant piece of your market share.

Our platform does not replace any of your existing marketing materials and sales processes. Rather, it seamlessly integrates your existing marketing tools to improve the overall purchasing experience of your potential buyers. As such, our platform works with your website, computer simulations, 3D imaging, photo gallery and other marketing materials.

Our platform includes a reservation agreement management tool that allows you to create different templates for multiple real estate projects. Our reservation agreement editor integrates any existing legal format with dynamic data such as the project name, address, reserved apartment ID, buyer information and more.

Absolutely. We offer a full integration with all leading CRM systems.

Our platform is ideal for marketing and sales to dedicated private groups. We offer the perfect tools allowing for:
  • Online sales meeting using our remote live agent assist
  • Queue management and prioritization
  • Notifications and reminders for specific people
  • Personalized and private URLs
  • Meeting scheduling automation

We are not replacing your existing site, rather integrate your branding and marketing materials into our platform. For each real estate project you will have a project page to which you can redirect visitors traffic to reserve units.

Yes. We are a multi-language platform. Our goal is to make your sales process as transparent and accessible as possible. You can add languages based on your target audiences.

Yes. You decide what your reservation fees are.

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. Setting up your real estate projects can be done by one of your employees. No special training is required. But in any case, our support team will be happy to assist you.

Selling Real Estate. Online

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